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Rcm Pro Studio/Recording Podcast Podcasting Condenser Microphone Mic

Rcm Pro Studio/Recording Podcast Podcasting Condenser Microphone Mic

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With Its Large Diaphragm It Provides Smooth, Natural Sound And Low Noise, It Also Delivers Great Bass, Mids, And Highs On All Of Your Recordings. This Microphone Is Very Sensitive To Incoming Sounds To Give You The Best Possible Sound! In Addition, It Includes A 25mm Cartridge That Allows For A Bigger Pickup Area To Pick Up Incoming Sound. The Cartridge Is The Most Important Aspect That Determines The Sound Quality, And The Rcm Pro Has One Of The Best Quality Cartridges Available For Any Microphone Under $150. This Microphone Sounds Better Than Other Name Brand Microphones That Cost Twice The Price! The Body Of The Microphone Is Made Of A Special Zinc Metal Material. The Super Strong Construction Prevents Noises From Shocks And Vibrations. This Is Especially Important When Recording Loud Music Including Drums And Bass. The Microphone Head Is Made Of Strong, High Quality Steel And Features A One-Piece Microphone Head Design. Most Microphones Will Have A Microphone Head That Is 2 Pieces Glued Together. Our One-Piece Microphone Head Ensures Longer Life, And Better Durability. In Addition, It Helps To Eliminate Unwanted Vibrations That May Occur. This Microphone Has Two Capacitors (22μ50v And 47μ16v). These Are Important To Help Stabilize The Voltage So That Your Recordings Are Consistent Throughout, Even If There Are Sudden Changes In The Volume Or Frequency Ranges.

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