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Kato Earphone Dlc Composite Diaphragm Advanced Ultra Linear Technology Dynamic In-Ear Earplug (Mirror Silver)

Kato Earphone Dlc Composite Diaphragm Advanced Ultra Linear Technology Dynamic In-Ear Earplug (Mirror Silver)

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The Excellent Frequency Response Curve Enables Kato To Have A Rare Ability To Highly Restore The Sound Heard By The Master When Making Recordings. Kato Is Able To More Truly Show The Original Timbre And Position Of Musical Instruments And Vocals Compared With Ordinary Hifi Earphones, And Bring You A More Open And Natural Listening Experience. Kato Adopts Modernist Aesthetic Design Combining Light And Shadow, And Continues This Design Elements From Kanas To Kxxs. Thanks To The Brand-New Mim Technology, The Almost All Sufaces Of Kato Has Been Able To Inject Light And Shadow Design, Showing A Three-Dimensional And Rich Layering. Kato Is Adopted With A New Independently Developed 10mm Ult (Ultra-Linear-Technology) Super-Linear Dynamic Driver, Which Has Been Developed For Two Years. It Includes A More Efficient Composite Magnetic Circuit With Internal And External Magnets And A More Linear Air Circulation Structure, As Well As A Larger Brass Internal Acoustic Cavity, A Lighter Extra-Fine Imported Ccaw Sound Coil And A High-Frequency Phase Waveguide. Kato Adopts A Replaceable Sound Nozzle Design, Which Can Be Easily Replaced By A Quick-Release Structure With Screw Thread, And Comes With Sound Nozzles Made Of Two Different Materials (Steel And Brass). Users Can Not Only Experience The Sound Changes For Different Materials By Replacing The Nozzle, But Also Replace The Blocked Sound Nozzle More Conveniently. Kato Is Equipped With The Newly Self-Designed And Developed Spring Tips, Which Suppress Weak Resonance Through Special Diffusion Structure, And Significantly Lower The High-Frequency Linear Distortion Caused By Nozzel Resonance, Thus Making High-Frequency Timbre More Natural. At The Same Time, The Special Material Of Earplug Tips Cap Can Better Fit The Ear Canal Without Being Sticky, And Featured With The Special Reinforcing Rib Support Design To Prevent The Bass Loss Caused By Sound Leakage.

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