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Hi Power

Hi Power

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Hi Power Is Our Next Endeavour In Pedal + Amp-In-A-Box Overdrives Inspired By The Sonic Combination Of Two British Tone Machines That Helped Shape The Sound Of Pink Floyds Wish You Were Here Album. On The Right Side Of The Pedal, You Will Find A Recreation Of The Colorsound Power Boost Featuring The True-To-The-Original Spec Bc184 Transistors Running On 18v Dc (Via An Internal Voltage Booster Circuit) And The Ultra-Flexible 2-Band Baxandall Eq Circuit. On The Left Side Of The Hi Power You Will Find An All-Analog Circuit Set Out To Emulate The Sound And Feel Of A Hiwatt Amp. Following The Path Of The Famed British Tube Amplifier Our Circuit Offers Authentic Amp Tone And Feel. From The Big Bold High-Headroom Clean Sounds To The Face-Melting Crunchy Tones. A Headroom Toggle Switch Selects Between The High Headroom 100w Power Section Provided By A Quartet Of El34s Or The Lower Headroom And Compression Provided By A 50w Power Section With A Pair Of El34s When Hit Hard. Similar In Operation To The Original Amp Design The Master Volume Control Was Designed To Produce More Gain At Higher Settings. You Can Select Between The Full Frequency Response Of The Normal Channel Of The Amplifier, The Increased Presence And Tight Low End Of The Bright Channel Input Or The Enhanced Frequency Response And Added Gain Of Those Inputs Linked Together. Hi Power Also Features A Power-Up Bypass/Engage Pre-Set Function For The Onboard Footswitches. That Way You Can Select Which State Your Pedal Will Go To When You Plug The Power Supply. This Function Comes In Especially Handy To People That Use Remote Pedal Switchers / Loopers As They Only Set The Power-Up State Of The Pedal Once And Then Operate From The Controller.

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